“Entry, Day #1” & “Entry, Day #2”


Okay, I haven’t actually started my leave yet, but I’d like to share this hopefully-not-prophetic imagined entry by my buddy/Words with Friends frenemy, Brian Heidebrecht:

entry, day #1:
i am the luckiest mom ever! this summer is going to be incredible. i have so many things planned and the children will be thrilled to have me home and available to fill their days with love & activities!!!!!!!

entry, day #2:
oh. my. god. what on EARTH was i thinking????? how can it not be time for school to start up again? it feels like it’s been 3 months already! it’s SO HOT and they are SO NEEDY. how many popsicles do i need to give them just to get TWO SECONDS of quiet time? and where the hell is matty? he said he’d be home by now. where’s the margarita mix? this is going to be a long ass summer…

Note to self: Stock up on popsicles and tequila.

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