Castle Island isn’t really a castle nor an island. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Castle Island is one of those places that’s on every “Things To Do In Boston With Kids” and “Family Fun in Boston” lists and was also just mentioned by my friend Maryann yesterday (post your list in the comments for me, Maryann!), so it was a good last minute choice today when I realized I had no plan. I was also worried it was gonna be kind of lame, as most of those cliché list items are. But, it turned out to be pretty sweet.


First of all, dogs are allowed and welcome, so Beatz got to come. [Side note: If anyone knows what to do about car anxiety in dogs, please let me know. Beatz has started panting excessively in the car, only on longer trips. She never used to mind the car before. The air conditioning is on, and she had plenty of water before we left.] She had a blast walking around the fort (I refuse to call it a castle), sniffing, and saying hi to other dogs. DSC_0191

Secondly, there’s a nice little walk around the non-castle, although we couldn’t figure out how/if you can get inside. I convinced the kids that one concrete slab was a magic door that you had to stand in front of and yell, “Castle Island!” to activate the magic portal, which they did (the yelling, not the activating the magic portal). The fact that they’ll still do this stuff is exactly why I thought this was the right time to take the summer off with them.

Come on, Magic Portal!
Come on, Magic Portal!
Perpetually cool
El Haz, perpetually cool


Mama's not the only O'Rourke getting in on the jumping action
Mama’s not the only O’Rourke getting in on the jumping action

After our hike (and I use that term very generously), we went to the really nice Castle Island playground, where Hazy showed off her guns by going across the monkey bars about five or six times, and George watched in admiration. Then, I showed off my guns by doing some dual swing pushing, which, according to my internet research, burns 200 calories an hour. I have a short attention span for swing pushing though, so I probably only burned 20 calories.

Playing #likeagirl
Playing #likeagirl

Then we had a picnic on the beach (which Beatz had to watch forlornly from beneath a nearby bench), and played in the ice cold water.

photo 1 (1)
How many consecutive days of PB&Js are too many? Asking for a friend.

I did my best to ignore my crippling fear of jellyfish and the cries of,  “jellyfish!” all around us.  We continued making progress in Project Water Comfort and made less progress on Project Abandon Swimmies, despite what it might look like in the photo.

Water comfort! No swimmies*! (*for 5 seconds)
Water comfort! No swimmies*! (*for 5 seconds)

Then, I went for the Best Mom Ever award by getting us ice cream. If you’re wondering how much ice cream it’s possible to drip onto your camo shorts, it’s 9/10th of a Sullivan’s Oreo Cookie Razzle, and George can demonstrate his technique.

This is my hideous #momstaysinthepicture smile.
This is my hideous #momstaysinthepicture smile.

After our outing, George napped and Hazy and I made zucchini brownies (not quite Fruity Penguins, JoAnne!).

Hazy's a by-the-rules baker; I am not
Hazy’s a by-the-rules baker; I am not

Then we played in our inflatable pool, and by “we”, I mean Hazy and George did in between time outs, while I drank a shandy.

Tomorrow, we’re winging it. Quick – give me some ideas in the comment section! Wednesday, we’re hanging with Oma & Opa, and Thursday, we’re having lunch with my friend Christine and her adorable baby, Jack. Maybe George can teach Jack how to coat himself in ice cream!

11 thoughts on “Castle Island isn’t really a castle nor an island. Discuss amongst yourselves.”

  1. How fun! How about decordova? There’s a great chinese restaurant in weston I have been wanting to try – dumpling daughters – you can go to for lunch. of course I build my days around lunch! Drumlin may also be fun and quiet.


  2. Have you ever brought the kids to Salem? Maybe more of a Halloween/early fall thing to do, but they might be entranced by the Witch museum…and they can learn about history!


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