We Went On Vacation A Trip!

We went on vacation last weekend!

We're on a boat!* *on land, but it still counts
We’re on a boat!*
*on land, but it still counts

We went to our friends’ gorgeous house on the Hudson, got spoiled with delicious food, and let our kids entertain each other while we discussed important things like how we just screwed ourselves by staying up talking past midnight. Only, turns out it wasn’t a vacation; it was a trip, according to this brilliant and handy blog post my friend Cindy just shared with me.

So let’s see, vacation or trip:

1) We got there by car = TRIP.

Tip: Don't give your kids McDonald's hot fudge sundaes in the car.
Tip: Don’t give your kids McDonald’s hot fudge sundaes in the car.

2. We met up with friends = VACATION!

Total DIL#s. Welcome to the dad club, Hotass.
Total DIL#s. Welcome to the dad club, Hotass.

3. There was a kitchen and I may have sort of half-helped empty the dishwasher once = TRIP.

But it was an amazing kitchen, and we had some much-missed NY bagels in it.
But it was an amazing kitchen, and we had some much-missed NY bagels in it.

4. No forts, no aquariums, no jigsaw puzzles (unfortunately) = VACATION!

Is this technically a fort?
Although, is this technically a fort?

5. I’m currently a stay-at-home mom = TRIP

Sure, technically I'm still
Sure, technically I’m still “at work” as a mom, but I’m telling you, when there are more kids your kids’ ages and more parents, it’s actually less work. #mommath

6. Kids were definitely there. Not just our kids, but twins Hazy’s age, a little spitfire who’s a little younger than George, and even a new baby, swoon, but still…TRIP.

There was a pool:

There was toddler tumbling:

There were races & fireflies and s’mores:

And there was seeing our friends as new parents, meeting their adorable little baby, and showering him with gifts like custom made onesies:
DSC_0446 DSC_0454 DSC_0435 photo (10)

My little girl reading her old baby books to their new recipient.

So, I guess it wasn’t a vacation, but it was a really, really good trip.

Anyway, I go on vacation every day, according to this quote from Louis CK:
“Parents live for the tiny vacation from their kids. When you put the kid in the car and you close the door. That little walk around to your own door, it’s like a Carnival Cruise.”

I’ll leave you with this shot from the Baby Bachelor. (Paloma, far left, is totally getting the first impression rose.)

5 thoughts on “We Went On Vacation A Trip!”

  1. A “tracation,” maybe? A “vrip?” No matter. All I care about is that we were on the receiving end of your travels. Great pix, great folks, great kids, great time. (Not to mention, we got you out of yet another crowded, loud, sweaty weekend trip to the Museum of Science. You’re welcome.)

    PS-I need that damn brown sugar chicken recipe, stat!

    Love y’all!



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