Special Crossover Episode!

Everyone knows crossover events are the best. We’re doing a very special crossover episode with bertandduke.wordpress.com, not because I’m too cheap to pay for video on this blog, but because…fashion.

Confession: we did nothing today. Well, our version of nothing. Tennis and literacy camp (yes, that’s still a thing) was canceled due to rain, so we had to come up with a Plan B. First, we had dentist appointments for both kids. Both kids had great check ups, but unfortunately, George has inherited my excessive drooling problem and concomitant tartar buildup, and both kids have inherited my snaggle teeth. You’re welcome, future orthodontist. With no tennis camp, we practiced another favorite sport: shopping. And to show off our back to school purchases, we had a fashion show.

Pop over here to Bert & Duke’s blog to see the show.

George is rocking some pajamas by Carters. You might think PJs aren’t back to school, but then I guess you never had Pajama Day at school, did you? Touché. Hazy is wearing a “Place” shirt (that’s Children’s Place, if you’re not street), and some leggings by a brand that is only identified by some upside down hearts. Does Prince have kids? Just wondering. On their second walk, George is modeling some Epic Threads jeans and a Gap Kids shirt, and Hazy is working a Joe Fresh dress.

After shopping, we had lunch, George took his nap, Hazy cleaned the toy pit and watched some My Little Pony while I napped. (I’m sorry, I can’t stay conscious during that inane show.) After naps, we picked up our meat CSA at the farmer’s market, played a little, had some dinner, and enjoyed our 9-minutes (each) of one-on-one time. Well, now that I typed that all out, it doesn’t sound like nothing.

After (sadly)
After clean up (sadly)

I’m trying not to have Hazy watch TV every time George naps, but if she MUST (i.e. I have to nap), what’s your favorite kids’ TV show or movie?

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