Destroying Heirlooms, Investing In The Future

So are the days of our lives.

You know what little people don’t understand? Having nice things! Like mixed tapes you’ve had for 10 years before you even met their father. I clearly need to work on my angry face, because the turds barely flinched when I turned into the Hulk after this happened. I was like, “Why would you do this?!” and Hazy was all, “We tried to play them and it got stuck. And then George undid that one.” Well, of course Generation Z doesn’t know how to play a cassette tape. I’m surprised they even put it in on the right side. Also, I love the explanation that George just felt like he had to F up a second mix tape because he missed out on f’ing up the first one.

Look at that straw. This camel's back hurts so bad.
Look at that straw. This camel’s back hurts so bad.

After I put them in time out, practiced my angry face in the mirror for a while, and painstakingly rewound the one tape I could salvage, I decided we’d still do our fun day as planned, because 1) I’m apparently bad at discipline, and 2) I didn’t feel like I deserved to be further punished by spending a day doing nothing fun at home.

So, we headed to the Roslindale library (first time!) for some arts & crafts.

Special guest star: Rainbow Dash, which Hazy bought for George with her own money!
Special guest star: Rainbow Dash, which Hazy bought for George with her own money!
Finished alien and spacecraft
Finished alien and spacecraft (Could not get away from this lady in the background)
See her still lurking?
See her still lurking? Are you happy now that you’ve made it on the blog twice, lady?

We decided it was a Treat Yo Self kind of day, so we went to Jimmie’s for a lobster roll (my 3rd of the summer) and some PB&Js (their 295th and 296th of the summer), and of course, ice cream.

Selfie attempt 1
Selfie attempt 1
Selfie attempt 2
Selfie attempt 2
Best I could get with the baby
Best I could get with the baby

I could not convince Hazy to take a nap today (she is 6, after all), so during George’s nap, we watched bad TV after a failed attempt to get her to watch Lilo & Stitch. Learn from my mistakes, Lego Friends has neither the coolness of Lego or the humor of Friends. It’s more like My Little Pony in human form.

After George’s nap, we did something very exciting – got stickers and mints at the bank, and while we were there, opened the kids’ first bank accounts. I’m thankful to JP Moms for the recommendation to go to the Bank of Canton (what? exactly) in Brookline, where they still give kids a passbook and a free piggy bank.

Acting like professionals with their personal banker, Julie Ton (after they stole like 8 of her business cards and two mints).
Acting like professionals with their personal banker, Julie Ton (after they stole like 8 of her business cards and two mints).

I’m the proud parent of a decinnaire and a vigintinnaire (look it up!) now. Don’t even try to rob them – all their funds are tied up in passbooks.

If you can think of any must-dos before the end of the summer, now’s the time to share them. We have a week and a half to cram in everything we can. Might even have special guest star, Dada, for a few days next week.

15 thoughts on “Destroying Heirlooms, Investing In The Future”

  1. I feel your pain on the mix tapes. However, in this age of digital music, won’t it be pretty easy to replicate the mix? Who has cassette players these days anyways? 🙂


  2. Good luck on perfecting your angry face. My kids alternately ignore and go to pieces. I would like a middle ground of ganging head and sweet apology.


  3. I love George and Hazy’s Art & Crafts! Georges spaceship and alien is fantastic. Oops. Were you able to save he cassette tapes? First try to gently remove the tape from the player if its suck and its still a tangled mess. NEXT step after removing tape from player. With cassette in one hand , use a pencil, stuck into one of the holes, then slowy turn while straightening out the tape as you woind it back ino the cassette. This is what I used to do when my cheap cassette player ate and crumpled up some of my live Dead tapes. So know how you feel. If the tape’s been snapped you might still be able to save it. I don’t really know. Pretty hard. Maybe, try scotch tape to seam the pieces back together– you’ll for sure miss a few seconds or more of music. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What’s funny was that I found a later version of the stalker mix, on CD, which I then played in the car, until I realized it had Sexy Motherf*cker on it. Beth and I made several stalker mix tapes in college, G.


  4. The part of this blog post that hurt the most was the fact you’ve only had 3 lobster rolls this summer. I expect more from you, Tash.


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