Let’s Do This.

And … we’re back. We’ve abandoned our regularly scheduled programming of work and school for SUMMER VACATION. Again.

We kicked it off old-school, with a trip to the sprinkler park/playground with the two Maries (you know, French Marie and British Marie).

Much in the way Burlington Coat Factory is more than just coats, the Beachcomber MacWagon is for more than just the beach.
There comes a point when you love swings so much that it looks like you hate them. That’s what’s happening here. It’s not that the porta-potties smell, despite what you may have thought.
George, you have the gun/are doing it wrong.

After a picnic at the sprinkler park, a long scooter-ride home (I’ve learned George’s scooter limit is one and a half times the distance to the scooter park), and George’s nap, we did something we’ve never done together before … rode the BLUE LINE. (It’s much more exciting than it sounds if you’re train-obsessed.)

When you’re the only ones in your train car, you have a dance party. That’s the rule. We went to a library we’ve never been to before (shout out – West End!) to pick up some museum passes, and then walked the Freedom Trail, ran some pigeons down, and ate our weight in shumai (Hazel), char siu bao (George), and assorted other Chinese food (me).

Then, we got some mouse cupcakes to-go from our favorite Chinatown bakery, the aptly named Great Taste Bakery, and headed home.

First they gave each other noogies, and then they did this.

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