The Road (from the zoo)

Have you read Cormac McCarthy’s depressing opus, The Road? Have you lived it? Today, I attempted to take the kids through a “short cut” through Franklin Park on the way back from the zoo. We ended up getting lost, which is no surprise to anyone who knows me. [True story: I once used the map app to get directions to a place that was 0.3 miles from where I was standing, although in my defense, I did not know that at the time.] George’s legs were tired (fair) but when I told him that if he didn’t stop whining, he wouldn’t get any ice cream later, he commenced a two-mile traveling temper tantrum (not fair). He sobbed like a telenovela star, crying, “I want iccccccce creammmmmm” for 50 minutes straight, as I dragged his deadweight further and further into what turned out to be an endless spiral further into the woods. Later, I had to give him a piggyback ride, with my backpack holding our water bottles, lunch cooler, and camera worn as a frontpack, and my phone at 13%. The Road would’ve been a welcome respite.

Waaaaaaa! I live a life of privilege and might have to go a day without ice cream! (p.s. Hazy, you are my spirit animal.)

Anyway, before that, we had a good morning.

I love when George wears his nightshirt Flashdance style, and I see his beauty mark. Historical note: this was the first time George admitted, “I’m really messy.”

We successfully walked a mile, which is a lot for little legs, so props to the kids for the first leg of our journey. Those who followed us last year know that the zoo is our go-to, and we have our usual activities there: gorilla watching, budgie feeding, 51¢ penny-making, and the kids’ favorite attraction: the playground.

I feel like this lady gorilla was trying to tell me something, something like, “don’t take the ‘shortcut’ through the park,” but I didn’t realize it at the time.


I feel like Snow White every time I feed the budgies.

George and I tried to recreate our epic budgie moment from last year, but it just didn’t happen. I guess we’re just more photogenic this year.

This is our JP crew and we will f-ing roll you if you step up. I mean, just look at Orla’s face.
Obligatory swing shot, sans porta-potties this time
You guys want to take a shortcut on the way home? Awesome! Let’s go, pals!

Tomorrow, we’re meeting the Maries at the Museum of Science. Let us pray our journey is a more peaceful one.

7 thoughts on “The Road (from the zoo)”

  1. That picture of Hazel and George making it through the woods is the best! And, thank you to their mom for the laughs.


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