Son (and Daughter) of a Beach

Thursday was our first official beach day of our summer off. We went to our favorite MA beach, Wingaersheek.

We tried out the new Beachcomber Macwagon, which had previously only combed the sprinkler park sidewalks. I’m mildly disappointed to let you know that carrying a sherpa’s load of beach crap over sand is tough, no matter how mac your wagon is.

We love the beach.

We love collecting sea creatures. We didn’t name the sand dollars, but we did find hermit crabs named Raspberry, Frosting, and Water.
We love building sand/mud castles. And then destroying them.
We love wading in the shallows and loudly announcing when we’re peeing in said shallows.
We love getting buried in the sand. We don’t love having sand thrown in our faces.
We don’t love getting “Whip It” stuck in our heads either (although that was mainly just me). 
We love beach food, even if we’re not good at holding onto it.
I love these two turds.
And I love how tired the beach makes them, and how they’re the haughtiest nappers ever.

Got a summer outing suggestion for us? Please leave it in the comments (on the blog, not FB).

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