I’m a merMAN, papa, a merMAN!

You may remember the exciting day last summer when Hazy learned to swim. Well, yesterday, George graduated from swimming-while-Oma-holds-his-swim-shirt to plain old swimming and it was glorious.

Let’s hope he doesn’t get the black lung.

That was definitely the big news, but there were other highlights too. Namely, my parents’ won tons.

I would’ve taken down this whole bowl too, if it weren’t for my pesky family.

Also, kayaking, which is not usually my jam, but was pretty nice on a perfect day in a smooth-as-glass pond with both kids “helping” paddle when it was their turn.

Then there was Hazy’s haute couture dress:

She named her collection Booty by Hazel, and I’m pretty sure it would outsell House of Dereon.

And Opa teaching the kids the ancient art of Candy Crush. He’s like the Mr. Miyagi of candy smashing games, only Chinese and less mysterious and there was no car waxing involved, unfortunately.

These lucky kids had back to back grandma visits, as we went to Grammy’s house today. More on that later.

Quick poll in the comment section: would you wear something from the Booty by Hazel line, and what size float would you like to pre-order?

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