Meta Vacation Mega Post is here!


We took a vacation during our vacation, which I know seems excessive, but Matty found a deal on a cheapy place in Maine, and we needed some full-family time.

Sorry, Disney, but this is the happiest place on earth.

You already know we love the beach, but Old Orchard Beach is more than a beach. It’s also an orchard. Just kidding. But there is a super cheesy amusement park, mini golf, two candy stores, an ice cream shop on every block, and a store we walked by every day that had a rhinestone BOSS necklace. In other words, the OOB is a cheesy paradise.

There’s this.
And this. A legitimately good Journey cover band.
And the highlight of George’s 4 1/2 years of life, seeing a real life Amtrak crossing right in front of him. (I’m sorry the pic is blurry; the excitement was that contagious.)
The home run derby was pretty cool, until our kids got all teenager on us and decided to sit 20 rows away.
Everyone had fun, except George and our photobomber.
Don’t sit here!

We’re kind of a big deal at arcade games, as evidenced by the two falsely advertised glow-in-the-dark glasses, two eye patches, two crayon-shaped mini erasers, and 15 tootsie rolls we “won” after spending $100,000 on said arcade games.

In case you were wondering, there is a way to make my kids walk slower. It’s by playing this super annoying game!
It seems like just yesterday I was changing her diapers, and now she’s already windmill-height.
This is like the Champagne Room for children. Looking only!
This is the closest I got to getting a photo of the sparklers. They seriously lasted for about .3 seconds once lit.

Side story: both kids have decided they want to be pilots when they grow up. George wants to fly a “Delta” and Hazy wants to fly a “jet.” I told them it’d be cool if they were copilots on the same flight and talked about the announcement they could make from the cockpit. Then George proclaimed, “I’m gonna be a pilot! I’ll need a microphone and an airplane.” Yes, Burgles, in that order.

p.s. Crop Duster, haha

Also, I had lobster 17 ways, plus fried dough. #MERCA

Matty took Hazy to get her hair braided. The lady recommended a $38 string of beads, but luckily Matty talked her down to this $20 pink strand. See? We’re saving money already!
Jesus was our ride operator. I wish they sold t-shirts at the fair that said, “Jesus is my ride operator.”


Pure joy = chasing bubbles on the beach

We didn’t think it could get any better than a family vacation (with special guest star, my niece, Cassidy, no less) in this gorgeous vacationland, but then I got a FB message from my cousin, Elaine. Turns out they were in Maine too. Is there a squealing emoji? Because insert that here. So, we got to have a beach (and ice cream and pizza) day with “the cousins”, Elaine, her husband Eric, and kids Matya and Isaac, who are either my second cousins or cousins once removed, or kid-cousins. I’m never quite sure.

We always take a smiley family photo and a crazy one.
The crazy one is always better.

We did some boogie boarding, even George! (See him?)


All five of the little cousins together, priceless

By the way, on the last day, I asked Cassidy to stop by the cheesy jewelry store and buy the BOSS necklace for Matty. It had just been sold. Whoever you are, where you are, BOSS, wear it proudly.


4 thoughts on “Meta Vacation Mega Post is here!”

  1. This was a fun, easy read and I look forward to more adventures with your family. It’s like I was really there with you – eatting lobster 100 ways, playing video games and frolicking in the surf…… Can’t wait for your next entry.


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