The Grammy’s

Our Grammy’s are less musically inclined (unless you count us singing “Roar” at the top of our lungs, and believe me, you don’t), but it could definitely be considered an award show.

The award for Best Mother-in-Law goes to Grammy herself, who not only has a pool (fine, it’s her neighbor’s) but also takes us to the splash pad/playground when it’s cloudy, treats us to hot dogs/scallop rolls (guess who had what?), whips up delicious dinners on the fly, and watches the kids (with a little help from cousins RyRy and Sean-O) while I do random errands like getting the oil changed.

Sorry, Grammy, there’s no trophy, but you get to see these smiling faces. 

Best Muscle Pose On A Mini Mountain is a tie between Hazy (girl power!) and Sean-O (digging the modern pose), although George gets bonus points for yelling, “Look at these big babies!” in reference to his muscles, a catchphrase his big sister created.

Best Failing To Use Your Water Gun As An Oar So Your Grandmother Has To Push You award goes to George.

No one does rowing incompetence like you, G.

Best Surfing On A Pool Raft goes to Hazy. Full confession: I entered this category and failed miserably. Maybe it was because I was attempting to jump on my surf-raft from the diving board.

Weighing under 50 lbs is also enormously helpful.

Thanks for another great day, Grammy!

And now a word from our sponsors:

Grammy lives with my sister-in-law (Auntie Dita), brother-in-law (Uncle Matt), and my nephews (RyRy and Sean-O), and they always spoil us rotten whenever we visit. This is despite the fact that they’ve recently been dealing with the most rotten string of bad luck known to mankind. Matt fell from a ladder and destroyed his knee, Lisa injured her foot in a separate bad fall, and both had to undergo surgery. Matt is out of work indefinitely, and they’ve had to sell his truck, their vacation time share, and more. Lisa works two jobs, but it’s not enough to compensate for Matt’s lost income. If you’re able to, I’d be eternally grateful if you’d donate to their Give Forward fundraiser.

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