Happy Hour at the Sand Bar

On Friday, we went back to “our beach”, Wingaersheek. The coolest thing about Wingaersheek is that at low tide, you can walk about 500 yards in ankle-deep water and a sand bar forms about 200 yards off the main beach. The least cool thing about Wingaersheek is the greenhead population, apparently taking a vacation from Crane’s. I got four bites just walking from the parking lot.

Cassidy bravely brought her camera to the sand bar, where we got this rare normal photo.
Auditioning for Baywatch: The Next Generation

Cassidy found this cool reflecting pool, where we each attempted some action shots.

Hazy & Cass, not too shabby.
Here’s mine. SYTYCD? Yes, yes I do.
George? Nailed it.

Besides the reflecting pool, there were a bunch of other photo ops.

You try getting these three to jump at the same time. (No, seriously, do it. I’ll have my camera ready.)
Chillin’ with my homies
Shadow dancing (note: the camera shadow adds 20 lbs)

We brought our new water squirters from Grammy and put them to good use. Introducing…Hazy & George, Seagull Hunters. Coming soon to the History Channel.

Where there’s an open bag of Lays, there are…The Seagull Hunters.
Imagine this with a hot music track.

When it was time to go, George proceeded to get as sandy as humanly possible, as per usual.

I believe he was supposed to be cleaning up the sand toys. Nailed it again.
All in all, a perfect day


Anyone been to a beach in the last week or so with no greenheads? I’m scared to go back to Wingaersheek or Crane.

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