Weekend Update

It was our last weekend with Cassidy (she left this morning – a million sad faces), so we did what we do in all times of panic – pool party.

It takes us a long time to fill up the pool, because half the water goes in the pool, half gets sprayed on the kids.
Matty doesn’t take photo direction from me; he does his own thing. I believe this was “pool Jesus.”
Teens and their phones, am I right? (That’s her Fashion Plates outfit I picked out for her, so don’t judge.)
Our new pool came with this cool badge, which I take very seriously, as you can see by this selfie with my back to the pool. 
We also went to this epic sprinkler park on the Charles.
On Sunday, we celebrated Sean-O’s 13th birthday. Here he is nailing his tween-to-teen transition pose. 

Cousins RyRy and Sean-O also proposed a chicken fight, proving that Bad Idea Jeans™ also makes swimwear.

One of these chickens just learned to swim last week…
Classic George, “watch how fast I can run!” and classic me, “George, show Grammy how fast you can run”, which I do several times a day to tire him out. 

After the weekend, it’s back to the grind. Just kidding, we’re on vacation.


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