Another Day, Another Sprinkler Park

Yesterday, first we drove Cassidy to the airport. Then, after singing our saddest ever version of Roar (down a man), we drove to a nearby sprinkler park. Don’t worry, we did get Cassidy to film an episode of Ask Hazy before she left (to be aired at a later date).

Sure, all these sprinkler parks are the same to a degree. But this one had two things going for it: it was huge and not that crowded.

There were also a million playgrounds (fine, maybe six) next to the sprinkler park, so completely devoid of children, that it’s like we had the our own private playground. It was mostly awesome, but partially creepy.

I kept waiting for some old man groundskeeper to say something about us meddling kids.
The other creepy thing was the tear in the matrix.
On the plus side, we now have two future American Ninja Warriors in the family, as both my kids can completely dominate these monkey bars.

Usually, we do one activity pre-nap and one post-nap. But sometimes, the combination of sun, sprinklers, and too much rosé the night before (just me on that last one) means we’re too tired to do a post-nap activity. So our post-nap activity was arts & crafts. The kids did some painting and I glued eyes on our Beachcomber MacWagon, because, duh.

Hazy painted a carousel, a frog with a wig, and two people. George did a smear of water and got frustrated and had a snack.
We have named the Beachcomber MacWagon “Mac”.

Despite losing our fourth amiga, it was a great day. We miss you already, Cass!

Oh, and also, this:

If anyone knows of someone who’s into piercing blue eyes, bad jokes, and a tendency to use the third person, let them know George is single!


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