I Invented a New Kind of Triathlon

Why isn’t it “triathalon,” btw?

First leg: boot camp

Wednesdays we wear pink, but Tuesdays and Fridays at 0630, we go to boot camp. Dee, British Marie, Melissa, Barb, and about eight other kickass JP ladies and I get our butts kicked by our coach/trainer Diane.

In between the first leg and the second leg, we played some hide & seek, and then I took the luxury of taking a power nap while the kids built a fort.

A- for fort building, only because it was a little louder than I would’ve liked.

You might think then it was time for the second leg of the triath(a)lon, but it wasn’t. It was time to see a play at the library!

Just to set the tone for this thing: it opened up with “It’s All About The Books” set to “All About That Bass.” Let that sink in.
The best part (besides the remake of “Uptown Funk” to “Unread Books”, seriously) was George’s walk-on part.

While Georgie napped, Hazy worked on some things for a library bingo game, including making her own comic strip. I know I’m biased, but I thought this was really awesome.

The short version: “Why did you put hot sauce on my rice?” “I thought it was ketchup!” (shout out to Opa for the comic inspiration)

After naps, we prepared for…

Leg two: long distance wagon-pulling

Sure, some people run or bike, but that’s child’s play compared to pulling the MacWagon with two kids, my backpack, and three water bottles. I’d estimate the combined weight was 100 lbs, and we walked 1.5 miles each way.

Why are we wearing these hats? You’ll see in leg three.

Leg three: rowing

Did you know that for just $15/hour, you can rent a row boat on Jamaica Pond? Did you know that kids can’t row, no matter how many times you attempt to explain/demonstrate it?

Totally faking it.

The weird part about this triathlon is that after you finish the third leg, you have to revisit the second leg. Does that make it a quadthlon? Near the end of the tria/quadthlon, we stopped for a quick photo shoot, naturally. I don’t know if I’m proud or horrified that my kids instantly do this when I say, “look cool.” Who am I kidding? Of course I’m proud.

Another possible Fart Machine album cover.

We are finally all caught up, with exception of the Friday before last (just waiting for some clearances from the talent). We have some exciting adventures planned, but nothing on the docket yet for tomorrow. Ideas? Looking forward to some upcoming shenanigans with the Purdys, Ariel & Dax (repeat!), the Creegan-Steinhausers, and Staci! Sign up now to be on our special guest list.


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