10 Kids, 3 Moms (not as bad as you think)

Last, last Friday at bootcamp, my friends Marie (British Marie) and Dee mentioned something about taking the kids on an outing that day. I was only half-listening, as one does while doing mountain climbers or tricep dips or whatever, so I missed the part where Dee would also have her friend’s three sons with her, bringing our total kid count to 10.

This was before Marie’s three kids joined us. You can recognize my kids, because they’re semi-professional photo actors. Props to you, Nina, You can photo act with us anytime.
This might be Fart Machine’s next album cover.
While George perused a romance novel from the Little Library, Hazy picked out Self magazine.
Let it not be said that the O’Rourke kids don’t appreciate art. Or, “aht”, as we call it in Boston.
Photo direction: act amazed at the size of these fruits. #nailedit

In between the alleyway photo shoot and the giant fruit tree photo shoot, we did playground time with all 10 kids, with only two injuries and one non-injury related crying jag! Not too shabby. (Actually, pretty shabby.) The worst was that the same woman witnessed both playground accidents and basically thought (knew?) we were the stars of Bad Moms II. She was all, “he was pretty high up when he fell.” I wanted to be like, “there are ten of them and only three of us!” but I think she was with a daycare, so that wasn’t gonna fly.

After walking off the injuries, we rode the beautiful greenway carousel.

I love Eliot. He gave me a 10-out-of-10 on the enthusiasm scale wave every single revolution.
Dee, 9 out of 10. I like it.
We just read James and the Giant Peach, so Hazy was psyched to ride on Old Green Grasshopper.
On the way back, we did some art in Faneuil Hall. Hazy painted the Empire State Building and then wrote BOSTON above it. I think I could be a home-school teacher, don’t you?

Then we walked through the Boston Public Market and chatted with the cider donut man and got a half dozen (what? they’re minis!) to eat on the T, because we’re gross.





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