Kroc Attack!

On Friday, we tried a little something different. I dropped the kids off at Matty’s work for an hour and went and got a foot massage at Happy Feet in Chinatown. It. Was. Amazing. A guy named Lan (he said that was his last name, so I called him Mr. Lan) soaked my feet in Chinese herbs, gave my back a savage beatdown, and then gave me a foot massage. While I was gone, the kids worked for candy, their preferred method of payment.

After the foot massage/candy job, we met up with my college friend Karin, and her super sweet kids at the Kroc Center, a mini water park and swimming pool.

Karin to her kids: Make sure you make a wild face so we make it on the blog. (Nailed it, guys.) Natasha to self: Try to see how many chins you can have! (Also nailed it!)

I made sure we got this pic, because there are no cameras allowed in the swimming pool area, which, let’s be honest, makes sense. Anyway, we were too busy floating down the lazy river, going down the waterslide, playing volleyball, and having buckets of water dumped 0n our heads to do any photo shoots.

After the Kroc Center, we swung by the South End library, where we met a super sweet, overzealous children’s librarian, who insisted we take out several books (they seemed cool) and then make Jackson Pollack paintings with marbles. Even though my parking meter alarm had already gone off, she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

I wonder if Pollack embarrassed his mom by dropping his paint-coated marble and getting paint all over the library floor.

Thanks to my friend Darcey’s recommendation, we then headed over to Blackbird Donuts for their legendary (legendairy? eh?) donut ice cream sandwiches, because, hey, it’s bathing suit season.

Half for the kids, a whole for me, because I’m wholly committed to my weight gain.
There are not enough napkins in the South End for this situation.

BTW, you’ll notice George finally got his summer cut. (He actually got two summer cuts, but the first looked a little too Three Stooge-y, so one lollipop and many gummy worms later, here we are.)

Quote of the Day:

“You look like you’re pregnant when the wind blows.” – Hazy to me, and this was before the donut ice cream sandwich.


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