I Better Get Bonus Points For This.

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and took the kids to the h̶e̶l̶l̶s̶c̶a̶p̶e̶ Boston Children’s Museum. The Children’s Museum is more manageable than the Science Museum, but still a little too hectic for my tastes. My main problem is other kids, well mainly other parents. For example, we first went into the Raceways room, where there are usually hundreds of golf balls lying around to put on the various ramps and chutes. This time, however, kids were hoarding the golf balls by the dozens, putting them in their pockets and using their t-shirts as buckets. I asked a little girl if I could have some of her balls for my kids, and her mother looked at me like I had asked the girl to come into my van for some candy. I just want two balls from your Veruca Salt of the Raceways Room, lady! It was basically Lord of the Flies in there, and I was worried my kids were both Piggy.

Get the conch shell, guys!

The bubble room was a little calmer, thankfully. We have a lot of experience with bubbles, as both kids are pretty much bubblaholics. We successfully made medium bubbles, giant bubbles, and a sheet bubble.

Next, we filmed a TV show!

Hazy and George starring in Misunderstanding Green Screens with Arthur!

Then George lived his dream of being a pilot (but sans microphone), Hazy showed promise as an architect, and we ignored my parking meter alarm to build a ramp.

Captain George will get you high tonight.
This building is about a Hazel and a quarter high.
If you go in the art studio at the museum, you’ll find Hazy and I’s rainbow chute. It’s the one that’s poorly attached in the middle.

The walk to/from the museum was really cool. Remember, rule #2 from my parenting canon: make them carry their own stuff.

These bags have paid for themselves 10 times over.
After museum, we had lunch at Picco and tried cinnamon ice cream – three thumbs up!

During George’s nap, Hazy and I played Scrabble, where she is following in her mother’s mad skillz footsteps.

Speaking of skillz, I just looked up “deams.” Oops. I taught Hazy that non-word. I meant “deems.” When are the Mother Of The Year nominations due again?

We also all played Monopoly this morning.

Proud Mother Moment: both of your kids in jail at the same time.

I’m not sure how long I can keep up this high bar . Every day, George asks me, “what’s our next adventure?” I’m dreading the day when I have to say, “grocery shopping and cleaning the house.” Fortunately, I still have a couple of big guns in my holster, namely Canobie Lake Park and Legoland.



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