Country Club Living

We hit two pools and the tennis courts today, because that’s how we roll. Today was Hazy’s first day of Tenacity, which, you may remember from last year, is tennis and literacy camp. Yes, that’s a thing. So, first we scootered to the tennis courts, which are about 3/10 of a mile away. We beat our previous scooter record by having 0 bouts of crying/sitting on our scooters. Go us!

While Hazy was working on her tennis (and literacy), George and I hit the mini pool. That means he promised not to spray me with the hose and then promptly sprayed me with the hose.

We also did this photo shoot, which went a little something like this. “Don’t put that strawberry in front of the camera. I don’t want a picture of a giant strawberry.” “Okay, but first can you take a picture of the giant strawberry?”

While George napped, Hazy excitedly showed me her and George’s favorite new show, PJ Masks. Aside from it sounding annoyingly like TJ Maxx, it’s not horrible. On the horribleness scale, it ranks lower than My Little Pony, Lego Friends, and the worst, Thomas the Tank Engine.

After naps, we did a second pool session, this time with both kids. This consisted mostly of racing and belly flops, with a brief pause for floating.

Then, we joined our friends Melissa, Zoe and Alexis at their lovely pool, the Park Pool, which is slightly bigger than our mini pool. One cool thing about the Park Pool is they have this old-fashioned tree fort, where only super heroes are allowed, and bad-guy twin sisters like Melissa and me are not admitted. I did manage to break in and snap this photo before I was defeated.


Thank you, Melissa, for hosting us! We’re happy to have you over our pool anytime, although it’s not as good for diving.


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