Freaky Friday

Usually, we go to Oma & Opa’s on Wednesdays, and we always go to the pond in the morning and the pool in the afternoon. But not this time, guys, NOT THIS TIME. First, we went on a Friday (!), and then we went to the pool in the morning (!!), and split into rival factions in the afternoon (!!). Hazy and Oma went to the pond, and Georgie and I went to the sprinkler park/playground by the ocean. Yes, that exists.

Pretty amped to have his mom all to himself.
If George was on Game of Thrones, his sword would be called Playshaper.
“Yes, you’re very good on the pole, sweetie”. Things you never thought you’d say to your child.

Last year, my mom made this amazing mac & cheese from scratch and my kids said they liked the boxed stuff better. Idiots. Thankfully, they’ve come to their senses and now they request Oma’s mac & cheese. George was so excited about it on the way home, he just kept squealing, “My mac & cheese is all cooked. She just needs to put the bread crumbs on!”

sjfljalsjflsdajflsdajfljsda (that’s drool on the keyboard)

Also, Oma decided to test-drive a new dessert she was trying out: a nectarine-blueberry pandowdy. We will be happy to test any desserts you want to try out anytime, Mom.

Opa taught them the old, “What’s That Behind You?”/Steal Their Dessert trick, much to their amusement.

Later, Opa also removed his thumb, much to their amusement.



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