Cheating on Wingaersheek

Guys, no one tell Wingaersheek, but we went to Crane Beach yesterday with our awesome friends, Lesley, Nora and Eliza. I love Lesley because we have very similar parenting styles. For example, we were a little late meeting up and I texted her to say so, and she wrote back, “Me too! Shit show.” It’s like she took the words out of my mouth.

Imma let you finish, Wingaersheek, but Crane is one of the best beaches of all time.

For a beach day, where we normally just alternate between playing in the water and building sand castles, today was quite active. Activities included pulling two wagons (one with kids riding on it) across the parking lot and then the beach, riding some waves which George qualified as “huge,” arming ourselves to the gills against some seagulls that went all Rambo on us, and just barely eking out a victory against the Shade Shack (more on that later).

You ask the kids to hold the 2 lb bag of sand toys and they bitch non-stop. But they’ll fight to the death over who gets to pull 100 lbs of wagon weight. (Don’t worry, George is still alive.)
“Did you see how big that wave was, Mama?!” (Eliza on right for scale)
The best sand castles have a strong George foundation.
You might think these are shade tents, but they’re in fact bunkers in the great Seagull War.
Eliza acting as bait while I defend the barracks against the seagulls. Moments earlier, a seagull had flown down and snatched the PB&J right out of this little munchkin’s fingers.
Matty tells George he’s the Man Of The House when he’s not there, which George takes very seriously. Here he is manning his post while I checked on the barracks/got string cheese.
Nora also did this activity: sand rolling? Self burial? Whatever you call it, she found it very amusing.

When it was time to go, I had to face down my old nemesis, the Shade Shack. After about 20 attempts to fold it up and several supportive comments from onlookers, Lesley had the great idea to look up a how-to video on YouTube. I watched it several times and then had Lesley hold my phone to advise me while I went through the steps.

I assume the Shade Shack earned its name by throwing so much shade to wannabe Shade Shack folder uppers.
Me: Lesley, what does the youtube video say to do now? Lesley: I’m sorry, I was just taking a picture of you.

I finally managed to jam it into the ripped circle bag it came in and got a round of applause from my audience. Thank you, Lesley, for your only slightly wavering support, and thank you, fellow beachgoers, for your appreciation.

To celebrate, we went for some awesome ice cream. Ignore the fact that Nora’s wearing Eliza’s flip flops and Eliza’s wearing slippers.

Check out my retouching skills on Nora’s wardrobe malfunction/commando-ness!

Always a pleasure, Steinhausers. Give our love to Slowpoke!

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