Sweeps Week: Jack & The Aquarium

After a week’s hiatus (more on our Cake House vacation later), it’s time for Sweeps Week. This is when I step it up with non-Pinterest-worthy crafts and bring in the guest stars. Yesterday, our special guest was Jack, whose Mom is my good friend Dee, who had to take care of some business.

Meet Jack. He enjoys cotton candy ice cream, mostly dripping it on the ground but also occasionally eating some of it.

For this adventure, we made some PJ Masks (not TJ Maxx, unfortunately) bracelets, did the mind-numbing PJ Masks chant, and then headed to the Aquarium.

PJ Masks! We’re the PJ Masks! Incessant chanting! Blah blah blah!

As per usual, my children’s favorite animal on exhibit was the computer.

Ooh, touchscreens!

Did you think we were just going to the Aquarium? This is Sweeps Week, people! I made these stamp books with a bunch of animals I thought we might see at the Aquarium and gave each kid their own unique stamp.

Then they had to check off each animal they spotted.
And of course they got super competitive about it.

We also saw a fur seal show, petted some sea creatures, and had a picnic lunch with the harbor seals.

I swear the seals were gunning for George’s PB&J&B (the second b is for banana).

After our aquarium adventure, we headed back home. Jack and Hazy played in the pool while George napped, and then Dee and her daughter/Hazy’s buddy, Nina, came over and joined us for some swimming and dinner.

And by swimming, I mean George terrorizing Jack and Nina with his incessant cannonballs.

Dee brought over rosé and fresh veggies, the only payment I accept for childcare, and we whipped up some one pot pasta. There’s something to be said for friends who can drop by whenever and not judge you on your perpetually messy home and unbathed children, and that something is the F-word followed by a yeah. Thanks for the wine and the company, Dee!



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