What Will Opa Cook for Sweeps Week?

On Wednesdays we w̶e̶a̶r̶ ̶p̶i̶n̶k̶ go to Oma & Opa’s. But during Sweeps Week, we can’t just do our usual pond/pool rotation. Oma took us to a hidden gem of Plymouth: Hedges Pond.

The lovely Oma at the lovely Hedges Pond

This place rules. There’s a gorgeous swimming pond, a nice playground with our two favorite pieces of playground equipment, swings and American Ninja Warrior training bars, and it’s about a mile from an awesome lobster roll place called Rock Bottom Seafood.

Rock Bottom? Try Rock Top, am I right?

There was one drawback to Hedges Pond: this was the restroom.

Perhaps they had shot the live action Scooby Doo movie here?

Even during sweeps, nappers gotta nap. While George napped, so did Oma, Opa and I, while Hazy held down the fort on a spare iPad. After naps, we couldn’t ignore the lure of the pool. George must have recognized the need to step it up, because he started swimming with his face in the water for the first time and absolutely crushed it. I’m super proud to have two full on swimmers now.

After Red Fish/Blue Fish worked up an appetite, we headed home for the main even: dinner. Opa must have known it was Sweeps Week, because he outdid himself.

That’s steamed chicken with Chinese sausage and shiitake mushrooms, and Napa cabbage with glass noodles and egg pancakes.

At our last visit to Oma & Opa’s, Opa taught my kids the, “Look over there!” trick. This week, he taught them the towel-snapping game. Thanks for remembering the classics, Dad.

So surprised this didn’t end badly.

Exactly two weeks until Hazy starts school (George starts the Monday after). Let’s do this (this = cram as much fun as possible in the next 14 days)!

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