Case of the Mondays

This is the point in the summer when the wheels start falling off. I wake up and look at and the Boston Public Library schedule, and then hope I hear something on the old shower radio. When I had no luck with any of my go-tos, I had to go to plan B: Wegman’s and a movie.

At Wegman’s, we stepped up our (already high) selfie game.

Ceiling selfie in Wegman’s wine elevator? Check.

While George napped, Hazy read and then we worked on some dorm artwork for Cassidy. Then, we headed to the movie theatre. I was really proud of my mom skills because I packed their pigs full of popcorn and filled their water bottles and actually remembered to bring them. Packing snacks and drinks and remembering to bring them are basics for most moms but advanced level biz for me.

I look forward to adding popcorn to our collection of car floor foods.

At the theatre, we had some photo shoot fun.

*Magnificent Nine

We saw Kubo and the Two Strings, which was super cool animation, but a little scary for the kids. We watched most of it with both of them in my lap and me covering their eyes. I have to admit, the cuddling was quite nice. The villains are two evil immortal sisters (“samurais,” according to George) and the hero kid (Kubo) is missing an eye because his grandfather stole it. So if you’re wondering if the movie is too scary for you/your kids, it depends on their comfort with evil samurai sisters and eye-stealing relatives. Highly recommend for adults and brave kids though.

On the walk back to the car, we passed this cool graffiti art.

Worked out well that they had their hoodies on.

The kids have been in Costanza-mode for a few days now, so to nip the bickering in the bud, I’ve instituted a new rule where I confiscate a toy anytime they fight or don’t listen. In related news, if anyone wants a pink or blue My Little Pony, a fire truck, or some Ghostbusters Slime, let me know.

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