Ze Luckiest Kids in Ze World!

My kids are the Celine Dion of childhood. Case in point, yesterday we went to Legoland in the morning and the Children’s Museum in the afternoon. At this point, you may ask if I’m overdoing it. Yes. Yes, I am. We’ve got a week and a day until school starts, and I play to win.

When your biggest problem is that you’re having a hard time holding onto a Lego giraffe long enough for a photo, you’re Ze Luckiest Kids in Ze World.

We went to Legoland with our partners in crime, the Chans – Marie, Evie, Eliot and Orla (we missed you, Jip!). My favorite part of Legoland is always Lego Boston, made with intricate attention to detail, including a hidden window where they play the Cheers song.

Legoland was just the cherry on top of the ridiculously decadent sundae that was August.

The kids’ favorite part of Legoland is the Zakim bridge (their favorite bridge), with Logan airport being a close second for George. Gillette Stadium is a new part of Lego Boston, and it was pretty sweet. There’s also a few rides, a kids-only play gym, and a 4D movie theatre.

If anyone’s ever gotten two adults, four kids and a baby to pose this well in front of a green screen, I challenge them to a duel. A photo acting duel, obvs.
The 4th D is for Damn, We Look Cool In These Glasses! Fine, it’s for the 4th dimension – rain, wind, etc.

Since our last visit to Legoland, there’s a new space-themed room which is super cool.

I thought Astronaut George was the cutest thing I’d ever seen.
Until I saw Astronaut Orla.
The Lego nerd child inside of me gets super excited about things like real smoke coming out of the Lego space shuttle when it blasts off.

If you haven’t been to Legoland, it’s definitely worth a trip. Insider’s tip: you can get your kids free socks for the play area from the cafe. These are better than the used free socks you can get in a bin outside of the play area.

Other insider’s tip: if your child is under 48″, they can’t ride the Merlin’s Apprentice ride without an adult. And if your friend’s child is also under 48″ and his mom is with her baby, and you’re with all four big kids, maybe don’t leave your own son in the line for Merlin’s Apprentice while he weeps loudly and you ride in circles on those stupid flying bikes with your friend’s son, yelling, “Mama will be right back!” with every revolution. The people in line with your weeping child will not judge you kindly and your son will be mildly scarred for life.

After Legoland, George cried himself to sleep (just kidding, he was fine), and then I woke him up early to rally for the Countdown to Kindergarten event at the Children’s Museum. All of Boston’s incoming kindergarten classes were invited, and they were all wearing their yellow, “I’m going to kindergarten” shirts, which made it really hard to find your kid in the crowded museum.

We mostly did our usual activities at the CM: feats of strength, ball hoarding/rolling, bubble blowing, plane piloting, and construction fashion modeling. We also met Arthur, who between you and me, was a little dead behind the eyes.

After our museum visit, we had the most special special guest star, Dada.


And then we went to a sweet restaurant in Southie, the Lincoln, where we got seated way in the back (good call), conveniently next to the stage, where the kids proved they were indeed mine by immediately dancing on it.

They hadn’t even had a single drink yet.

After dinner, snuggling on her father’s lap, Hazy sang, “He’s so tall, and handsome as hell…”, then paused and looked at Matty. “You’re not him.” #BURN




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