The Natives Are Getting Restless

And by natives, I mean the turds, and by restless, I mean whiny and annoying. Hazy and George have not been on their best behavior, so when we got to Oma and Opa’s on Wednesday, we skipped all morning activities. I offered up George’s newfound toilet-cleaning skills to Oma, but for some reason she didn’t want them to associate her house with toilet cleaning. Oma took control while I had some me-time at CVS. I’m a master CVS shopper (top 7%), so for me, shopping at CVS is like Will Hunting solving MIT math problems. I just needed someone to repeat, “it’s not your fault” about my kids’ bickering.

By post-nap time, I thought they had redeemed themselves enough to go to the pool. Because it was overcast/drizzly out, we had the place pretty much to ourselves.

Oma played lifeguard while the kids practiced some new skills: a flip for Hazy and jumping in sans life vest or catcher for George. My favorite part of Hazy’s flip is that it takes about 10 minutes to execute, and my favorite part of George’s jumps is that he actually hops on the concrete like it’s a diving board.


This week in Education by Opa: shark documentaries. (Thankfully, this was after our Cape vacation.)IMG_5795

Is it weird that I live for Wednesday night dinner? I would drive two hours round trip just for my dad’s cooking.

Wednesday’s menu:  Chinese steamed fish, sautéed spinach, and Opa eggs (not pictured, but George destroyed them).

It’s hard to believe we only have one more Wednesday at Oma and Opa’s before school starts. It’s been an incredible gift to be able to see my mom and dad every week and have my kids have this time with their grandparents. Plus, it’s nice to give them an injection of some good German and Chinese old-school discipline once in a while.

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