Still Summer

I’m having a hard time letting go of summer. It’s my favorite season: lobster rolls, rosé, beaches, the Cape, sprinkler parks, pools, they’re all my jam. Most of all, it’s an absolute gift to spend every day with my kids. They may occasionally whine, step on my feet, spill my drinks, bicker over stupid things like who gets to push the elevator buttons, and have a shaky understanding of gratitude, but they’re also two of the most hilarious, loving, sweet people in the world, and I know I’m incredibly lucky to have this time with them.

Hazy started school today (sob), and George starts on Monday. In the days leading up to today, we did our damnedest to hold on to every little bit of summer vacation.

On Tuesday, we went to our favorite free sock supplier, Boston Bowl, for some bowling and arcade fun with our friends, the Shannons.

Pretty intimidating, right?
I think George’s look sums up how we all felt about Melissa kicking our butts.
Is it awesome that I beat the kids this time, or sad that I felt the need to take a photo and then post it on my blog to prove that I beat a 4-year old and 7-year old at candlepin bowling? Awesome, right?

Proving our arcade prowess once again, we spent $20 on games and “won” a gummy burger, a Fun Dip packet, a bottle of bubbles (not champagne), and two champagne poppers (also not champagne).

(6th and 4th place might not seem too impressive, until you realize they can barely reach the pedals.)

Thank you, Melissa, Zoe & Alexis for spending your last day of summer vacation with us!

On Wednesday, when the Shannon kids had to go back to school (sorry, Zoe & Alexis!), we had one more day of freedom. Here I will offer my do’s and don’t’s for the last day of summer vacation.

DO: get the kids a special treat, like Slurpees™

DON’T: let the kids get their own “test sips” from the machine.

Sorry, lady who has to mop up after George. Believe me when I say I know your pain.

DO: Take them to do a special activity, like painting pottery.

Look at these adorable artists! Hazy painted a box with an owl lid. She painstakingly chose her colors and then carefully did a different color on each side and filled in a stencil of an anchor on the inside.

DO: encourage their artistry

George used every color known to man and swirled them all together, in so many layers that the pottery lady told us it would most likely explode in the kiln. After I removed many, many layers with a wet brush and wet paper towels, George stenciled on a pineapple and then glasses (natch), and it actually came out pretty awesome.

DON’T: assume you can leave your 4-year old unattended for a long stretch of time.

I heard, “Mama, I gave myself a new hairdo with water and soap!” and then walked into this. Thankfully, I don’t think he used toilet water.

DO: take advantage of a free photo booth

DO: make something for the kindergarten meet & greet picnic

DON’T: make English muffin pizzas. The splitting (fork-split my ass) and toasting are tedious.

You’re welcome, incoming Curley school kindergarteners and your families.

DO: teach your 7-year old self-sufficiency while you curse the day you decided to make two dozen English muffin pizzas.

Is human detangler okay for doll hair? Do I care?

DO: beam with pride as your 4-year old gets super excited for school and even makes his first new kindergarten friend at the orientation.


DON’T: leave all your back-to-school prep work for the morning of the first day of school and then turn into a harpy on the first day of school breakfast table yelling at your daughter to hurry up and color in her “first day of 2nd grade” sign like a maniac. Not that I would do that. I’m a parenting expert.

DO: leave me a comment in the comments section. I like comments the way Hazy and George like Slurpees™.



4 thoughts on “Still Summer”

  1. Omg. In our house the J&J detangler is known as “Sarah’s soap”. Sarah is an allegedly waterproof Dora mermaid bath time doll. The detangler doesn’t work well on doll hair but sometimes by letting her try I can distract my living dolly long enough to get the wet ™ brush through her curls enough to save me some embarrassment at preschool the next day. Ps daddy is doing morning drop offs so I can always blame her “style” on him. Hooray for back to school!


  2. I, for one, drink Rose all year. It’s my way of extending summer. Plus it’s fun to say “I love a Rose this time of year” all year long. Good luck returning to work. LMK if you need freelance pro tips of any kind.


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