We Got Picked Up For A Third Season!

How did we get the networks (Matty) to approve a third season of the inappropriately named One Summer At Home? Well, first we shared the ratings (sometimes upwards of 3 people would comment!), then we pointed out the cheap salary demands of the talent (mostly just ice cream, beach parking passes and the occasional lobster roll), and finally, we convinced them (him) that this season would be the best ever, with hot new guest stars (hello, Olsens), recurring favorites (Oma! Grammy! Opa! Dax! Ariel! Evie! Eliot! Orla! Creegbums?), and poorer planning more spontaneity!

How else will this season be different?

For starters, George is a K1 graduate as of tomorrow, which means he’s…still in kindergarten. But in K2 (real kindergarten), there are no more naps. Which means in Season 3 of OSAH, there are also no naps. That probably also means more whining, and I’m still trying to figure out how to spin that into a positive. More drama?

The Mac Wagon has new eyes. I just have to glue them on.

Mac is embracing his feminine side.

We’ve recast the role of Cassidy. Much like That 70’s Show did with Laurie when they thought we wouldn’t notice. New Cassidy is taller, more masculine, and better at soccer (no offense, old Cassidy).

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 8.13.15 PM
Yellow shirt? Blond Charlie’s Angel hair? White? Same person.
Hats? Closed mouth smiles? Awesome? Same person.

Everyone’s a year older now. That means Hazy is 8 feet tall now, George knows how to swim at the beginning of the summer, and I’m due for a hip replacement and carry Werther’s Originals in my slacks pockets. Also, I say stuff like “slacks.”

We also have fewer teeth collectively now.

The series premiere of Season 3 is tomorrow afternoon. You’ll be shocked to know we don’t have a plan yet.

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