A Highfalutin Day of Science & Culture

Ordinary people spend their summer days going swimming, eating hot dogs, and not minding wearing pants. But we’re not ordinary people. No, we’re fancy people who like to while away the hours appreciating art and exploring the world of science and at least one of us frowns upon wearing anything besides underwear on his bottom half. That’s why, on Thursday, we spent our morning at the library acting as rocket scientists and our afternoon at a museum. I even got George to wear pants, or at least, not take off his pajama pants.

First, we returned about 40 books to the library.

Sorry for taking out every single Star Wars book you have, library, and you’re welcome for finally returning them.

Then, we got our nerdery on at a Museum of Science sponsored activity at the library where we made our own “rockets” and shot them into “outer space”, and also (successfully) attempted to parachute a mini-astronaut back through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Because it was a fancy day, we had our lunch al fresco.  Two butterflies kept flying by, which I like to think is the kids’ Grandpa George and my grandpa, Dada, fluttering by to say hello. Hi!

Sure, Hazy later had a hot dog, but it was on a Marks & Spencer picnic blanket, so it’s still fancy.

Since George insisted he DOESN’T NEED A NAP anymore, we headed straight to the museum after lunch.

Here’s how the no napping thing is going.
Don’t worry, he rallied.

Granted, the museum was the Children’s Museum, which is basically a giant playground, but we did plenty of learning.

More physics
Strategy (No joke – George beat me)

If our selfie game is any indication of how the summer will go, it’s going to be a good one.

Only mild choking!

Later, we did a quick grocery stop where I lost the children briefly in the toilet paper aisle (as one does) and George combined his love of Star Wars with his OCD by lining up all the groceries and announcing, “all lined up like they’re doing the Imperial March!”

Then, last but not least, we celebrated Matty’s birthday and flatulence with his favorite kind of cake, ice cream cake!

FullSizeRender (3)
The people at JP Licks now recognize us as “the ones who write wacky things on the cakes.” (See past cakes: “Where’s the Band-aid?” and “Happy Farter’s Day!”)

If you’d like to sign up to be a special guest star on One Summer At Home, you may do so in the comments. Upcoming planned activities include: Wingaersheek Beach, the Lawn on D, Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival, and reviving our Bags for the Homeless program.

2 thoughts on “A Highfalutin Day of Science & Culture”

  1. I would happily celeb guest star for Wingaersheek, (not listed by you but listed by me) Wolf Hollow, Conomo Point/Centennial Grove (I got tha hookup), plus any destinations not mentioned in Points North of Boston.

    Season three is really delivering so far!


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