Should’ve Invited Her To The Wedding

On Wednesday, we kicked off our weekly Wednesdays at Oma & Opa’s. It did not disappoint. However, I’m gonna save that post for a later date, when we get our underwater photos back. That’s right, we’re fancy underwater photographers now. We have only the best equipment that $9.99 can buy at TJ Maxx. The photos will either be completely epic or a total fail, but either way, I’ll share the highlights.

Yesterday, we drove from Plymouth (South Shahh) to Eastham (Cape Cod) to meet up with the Olsens. Diane Olsen and I have known each other since we were two young advertising babes, sharing a mega-cubicle with a cute blonde named Stacy. We’ve drank Pink Panty Pull Down at our old boss Tony/T-Bone’s house, sang off-key karaoke, and spent a lot of long nights in the cutthroat cookie peddling business together. Most memorably, Diane introduced me to Matty at her going-away party at the now closed Rodeo bar. She’s still mad that she didn’t get invited to our wedding.

She’s one of my all-time favorites, and she’s also got a super cool husband, Dave, and three model children, Emma, Sophie & Ben. So, meeting up with them for a beach day was pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

This is what it’d be like if I had five kids (one of whom is camera-shy): totally carefree!
Special surprise: Stacy’s back, still a cute blonde!

And guess what? Well, if you read photo captions, you already know. Stacy came too! Along with her super cool husband Dan and adorable twins, Miles and Bridget.

The kids had a blast digging holes, making piles, and playing baseball in the low tide. George was totally Scotty Smalls, playing a position that would best be described as right field short stop and complaining that he didn’t get to “do anything.” He also ate cherries, George style.


We also met the greatest Ice Cream Man of our lives, and of course she was an Ice Cream Woman. She announced that people caught dancing in line get free bubble gum, which caused George to instantly start shaking his booty. Needless to say, he ended up earning two pieces of bubble gum. Hazy busted a move for one piece, and then attempted to go back in line for more dancing/free gum, but I shut her down.

Hmm… what if the kids could get a job that financed their own ice cream habit?
She said this was her dream job, making people happy, and she was damn good at it.  We salute you, Ice Cream Lady!

After a full day of beach fun, we went back to the Olsens’ for a barbecue. Dave, our hero, shucked some oysters with a rental house knife (read: glorified letter opener) without losing any fingers. [Side note: I just started liking oysters about a year ago and they are really growing on me (not literally).]

As we walked off the beach, Hazy whispered to me, “Sophie and I are best friends now.” Let’s pause to aww.

Next stop: half heart necklaces that say “BE FRIE” and “ST NDS”
Rookie mistake, Diane: never give George glow necklaces before a photo.

After this perfect beach day with your delightful family, capped with rosé and oysters, I have to admit, Diane, we should’ve invited you to the wedding.

6 thoughts on “Should’ve Invited Her To The Wedding”

  1. Did you know that Rupert Grint wanted to be an ice cream truck driver when he was a kid, and ultimately used his Harry Potter money to buy an ice cream truck to use as his personal vehicle?

    Dreams do come true.


  2. I’ll look for the invite to your anniversary Larry and we’ll call it even! Thanks for making the trip, it was fabulously fun!


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