Rain Date

Friday, we were supposed to kick off our summer season with Grammy, but it was supposed to rain in NH. So we made plans to hang with Ariel and Dax since the Boston forecast was more optimistic. But it ended up pouring all day, so we had to go with Plan C. And if you know us, there is no Plan C.

Jem has Synergy, and I have the Boston Public Library site. I hit my star earring and found a really cool graphic novel event at the Central Library, which, believe it or not, we’d never been to.

Everyone’s in charge of their own backpack and their own umbrella in our crew.
Unfortunately, George often shirks his umbrella responsibilities and I’m left running after him yelling, “George, open your umbrella!” like a maniac.

At the library, Miss Julia led us through a read-through of Zita the Space Girl, with Hazy in the role of Zita. She crushed it. Then, the kids created their own stories. Hazy wrote one about a girl named Sophie (hmm) and George and I co-wrote, Dada The Super Farter. He did all the illustrations, including the one of Dada’s epic fart destroying an evil monster.


The back cover says, “This is a book about farting.” I’d buy it.

After our literary excellence, we took out a bunch of graphic novels (including Romeo & Juliet!) and headed over to Chinatown for lunch. I wish you could’ve seen these kids house two orders of cha siu bao (BBQ pork buns), two orders of shumai (pork dumplings), har cheong fun (rice noodles with shrimp), and soup dumplings (fine, I helped with those). It was a sight to behold. George ate his fifth and final cha siu bao standing in front of the waitstaff and I think they were impressed.

Those chopsticks aren’t a prop; she legit eats with them now.
I think the guy in the back is uploading a video, “white kid eats like pig” on his phone.

Before heading home, we swung by Matty’s office for a quick hello/lightsaber battle.

Thank you, Zack, for sharing your super cool lightsaber collection with us.
Thank you, lady trying to work in the background, for pretending my kids aren’t incredibly distracting.
“Matty, shouldn’t you say, ‘I’m your father’ or something?” “I am their father.” Sigh.

That was our first full week of official vacation, and like we did with the dim sum, we crushed it.

Super advanced level selfie

Stay tuned next week for Big Trouble in Little Compton, a day with Grammy, continued adventures with Oma & Opa, and so much more.

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