Big Trouble In Little Compton

Just kidding, the worst thing we did was whine a little too much (George) and eat too much chicken parm (another one of us, name’s aren’t important). Yesterday, we kept it rocking in the city, city of (Little) Compton with our good friends Nina, Jack and Dee. Nina’s around Hazy’s age, Jack’s around George’s age, and Dee’s around my age, so it was like a triple play date.

One of these kids is doing his own thing, and that thing is making himself as dirty as humanly possible.

We had a perfect beach day jumping in waves, boogie boarding, Air Jordanning off cliffs, fighting over sand toys, and totally not drinking shandies out of Swell bottles in an attempt to ignore the incessant fighting over sand toys.

Hazy & Georgie, hopefully contemplating how lucky they are
Look closely and you can see George holding up his shorts.

I’m so proud of Nina & Hazy for jumping off the diving board, and slightly less proud of the ice cream weight I’ve put on this summer. I’m totally gonna quit tomorrow.

Hazy stubbed and cut her toe and went to the lifeguard stand to get it cleaned out/bandaged. We did not realize she’d have an entire lifeguard medical team, including one in short shorts.

Note to self: quit ice cream, then come back here and stub toe
Dee calls this “cinnamon rolling yourself”; I call it “Wicked Gaming yourself.” Either way, it’s fun for the car ride home.

After I whipped George with a towel under the guise of “cleaning off the sand”, we headed back to Dee’s for outdoor showers and then went to the lovely Commons Lunch for dinner, because we’re rule-benders like that.

Not pictured: Jack, posing ten feet to the left (“I’m in the shot!”)

And then, because we’re ice creamaholics, we went for ice cream.

From a trolley. Because we’re also in a Wes Anderson film.
This is pretty much our family crest.
George’s summer project, Project Maximum Messiness, is going great. Thanks for asking.
Five minutes after we left

About our shirts: I bought the kids and Matty these for Father’s Day. Incidentally, we just saw the Sandlot (for the first time for me and the kids) on Friday night, so now they’re really into it and the shirts. Yesterday morning, they wore them to surprise Matty, so he put his on too.


After I took their photo, Hazy said I must feel left out, so I said, “maybe I’ll borrow Dada’s shirt.” To which she replied, “Yeah, because we’re killin’ ya.”

I’m thinking of making myself a shirt that says “SERENITY NOW!”

4 thoughts on “Big Trouble In Little Compton”

  1. Just a great day as I think back to our amazing visit last month. Why was the beach so empty in such a lovely day? Thank goodness the lifeguards saved the day:)


  2. Ps. I have never seen anyone get more ice cream in their entire body than G.

    Pps. My brother does the best ” cimanamon roll” on the beach.


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