The Lost Photos of Atlantis/The Stonebridge Pool

At long last, here are the underwater photos we took at Oma and Opa’s! To be honest, I thought they’d all come out like this:

I actually think this one is pretty artsy.

But my photographers were actually pretty awesome. Here are their portraits of each other.

George by Hazel
Hazel (and George’s finger) by George

We got cool mermaid and merman portraits of each other, including one of George in mid-somersault.

I sort of captured this dual somersault:

And George took this pretty skilled photo:

Look at my mermaid smiling with her eyes open underwater!

I’d say he’s a better underwater photog than I am:


It was a pretty cool experiment overall. Maybe we’ll do it again at the end of the summer and see how we’ve progressed. We’ll take your photo requests in the comments.

p.s. We tried (and failed at) a group selfie and Oma got cropped out of our one picture of her.

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