Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

You’d think on our first full day of Rosieness we’d stay home and lay low, but duty called, and by duty, I mean the New England Aquarium. Don’t worry, we didn’t just leave Rosie home alone; we took her to our favorite doggy daycare, where she made herself at home, sitting directly behind Demita’s butt on her chair. We had previously planned to go with our friend Winslow, but he bailed on us. (I know you’re reading this, Winslow, and yes, I’m blog-shaming you.) But we kind of had our heart set on playing with sea creatures, so we went anyway.

New England Aquarium giant ocean tank
The view from the top (of the tank)

I love the Aquarium. The coolest exhibit is the jellyfish, who, while in real life are my mortal enemies, behind glass are absolute works of art. But between you and me, the coolest animal there is the Seadragon. The only way they’d be any cooler would be if you could calmly say, “dracarys” and they blew underwater fire at your worst enemy (i.e. the jellyfish).

You beautiful, beautiful a-holes.

I also love the Touch Tank, even though we always spend about 90% of our time looking jealously at the people five feet away who seem to be in the “good spot” while our fingers become prunes waiting for some stingray play.

Touch Tank New England Aquarium
Touch Tank New England Aquarium
Shooting daggers at the people with more stingray game than us
Soaked at New England Aquarium
Didn’t touch many stingrays, but did touch a lot of stingray water.

We also practiced our photo acting skills in the shark exhibit. (We’re a little rusty.)

And then we saw the cutest NE Aquarium inhabitants, the fur seals. The trainers taught them to do a little trick where they fake-roar at the kids. I’m pretty sure they do click-training, which is what I will be doing for Rosie. At whom should I teach her to roar?

Roar! Eat more protein!
Roar! Stop whining!

A member of the Aquarium staff had a sample of fur seal fur/skin which we all petted, admiring how soft it was. Later, while oohing over how cute the fur seals were, Hazy mused, “I wish we had one, or a piece of skin.” Great, I’m raising Buffalo Bill Jr. Come to think of it, she is pretty obsessed with using the hose, too.

On the way out, we stopped to watch the harbor seals. They were mostly sleeping, and they reminded me of someone…

So we rushed home and picked up our girl, who’d had a fun couple of hours at daycare but was excited to see her family.


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