The Plan So Far

Let's do this!
Let’s do this!

The Official Summer Off hasn’t started yet (it’ll start June 30th), but here’s what’s on the agenda so far:

  1. Harborfest (first week July)
  2. One World program, Tuesdays 10-12, starting July 7th (
  3. Puppet Showplace Theatre – Pinnochio (July 8-11); The Pirate, The Princess & The Pea (Aug 29-30)
  4. July 9-12 giant inflatables on lawn on D (
  5. Elephant & Piggie’s “We Are In a Play”, Brewster, July
  6. Revere Beach Sand Sculptures July 24th weekend
  7. Hokusai at the MFA
  8. Harbor Islands cruise
  9. Whale Watch
  10. Castle Island
  11. Canobie Lake Park
  12. Blue Hills Reservation – hiking?
  13. Crane Beach
  14. Discovery Pack Arnold Arboretum (
  15. Letterboxing
  16. Park Pool
  17. Kimball’s
  18. Swim lessons!
  19. Swan Boats/Make Way for Ducklings/Public Garden
  20. Duck Boats

Thank you for all the suggestions so far. Keep ’em coming!

6 thoughts on “The Plan So Far”

  1. Great ideas. How about a you choose day. It won’t be a whole day well cause they are kids. They decide what you guys cook for breakfast and lunch, where you go, what you wear, etc, We do it once a summer and it is fun!!


  2. Don’t forget a BBQ/beach day at our house! Would still like to get a bunch of AB families together – what do you think?


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