They Built A Museum Just For Us!

Sure, it’s possible that the Wenham Museum existed before Hazy and George did, but highly unlikely, since it appears to be custom-designed around their interests.

Exhibit A: a giant, interactive LEGO exhibit

The matchy-matchy outfits are the dead giveaway that these two Lego figures are in fact, George and Hazy.
This may be my favorite selfie we’ve taken this summer, even if the LEGO head was too small for my head and scraping my nose.
Spot the Hazy.
We played Wreck It Ralph. The kids built up the life-sized LEGO house and I smashed through it. I told them to assume their safe positions inside, and came in to this. #GeorgewasinWWIinapastlife

Exhibit B: the most mind-blowing train room you’ve ever seen

George was jumping up and down and yelling, “I LOVE TRAINS!” in this picture.

I’m not even that train-crazy and I have to admit, the train room was mad cool. There’s such attention to detail, along with some weird touches like dinosaurs in the mountains.

Exhibit C: a dollhouse and doll exhibit

I told Hazy to make her “creepy doll face.” Ladies and gentlemen, my photo acting protegé.

Hazy got a ton of ideas from the fancy dollhouses (not pictured, sorry), things like chandeliers and sconces that we can totally pull off with our combined lack of skills. Look for our dollhouse chandelier crafting fail later this summer!

After our museum, we swung by to visit Captain Donut (Jonah) and Ham (Pam) at their super cool Plum Consignment offices, where Hazy and George applied for jobs by touching various things they were not supposed to touch. Let us know if they got the job, guys.

This isn’t photo acting; this is the face George makes when I’m yelling at him to stop doing something.

The kids were well-behaved dream children all day, if your dream is a never ending cycle of universal kid catchphrases like “Stop it!”, “I’m telling!” and “George didn’t wipe!”. I decided the best course of action was forcing all three of us to take a much-needed nap. I also added 10 minutes of napping time on for every time they argued. Best idea ever. Everyone wins (I win).

I also had to repeat myself A LOT of times. I repeated myself so many times! I did so much repeating it’s like I can’t stop repeating. Anyway, the final straw was when George used one of the guests-only plastic cups (don’t judge us, they’re the ones from Legal Seafood and we use them when other kids are over so the kids don’t argue about who gets which color cup) that I have to hand-wash. I told him since he was making more work for me, I was gonna make more work for him, namely he had to wash a toilet. In a surprising turn of events, George loves washing toilets and ended up washing all three.

George sang, “I get to clean the toilets!” with the same enthusiasm that he sang, “I love trains!”, so I think someone’s got himself a new chore.

When Matty went to check in on George later that night, he said George whispered, “I’m so tired, I cleaned the toilets” and then tried to get up to clean one he thought he had forgotten. Sweet dreams, George.




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