My Girl

Did you know I used to think I wanted to have two boys? I knew I wanted more than one kid, but I just thought having a girl would be too much responsibility (Ha! But boys aren’t?) and too much drama. Then I had Hazy and fell in love. Of course, it is a huge responsibility to raise a young lady and there’s also a lot of drama (but let’s remember who cried for almost an hour for ice cream), but it’s also a tremendous honor. I’m raising a future rockstar, badass, and general ruler of the universe. When it comes to overall demeanor and cheese (fine, and ice cream), George and I are the same person, but Hazy and I are what Anne of Green Gables would call “kindred spirits.” We get each other and appreciate each other on a really deep level. Hazy’s incredibly sensitive to other people and I’m a sensitive old cancer crab, so we are a great match.

Kindred spirits! (Ignore the Gorbachev-esque sun spot on my forehead. Lesley’s gonna get me some Rodan & Fields to take care of it.)

Since it was what my friend Nina would call “bastard hot” today, I picked Hazy up early from Tenacity Tennis & Literacy (seriously) camp. Sometimes I feel like Olaf in that I literally cannot survive in really hot weather, so Hazy and I needed some AC time before we could go back outside. So, we watched Brave (the best non-princessy princess movie) while we chilled out and had some lunch. Then we headed to the pool. As we were walking there from the subway, Hazy started humming, “My Girl,” which I’ve told her is about her, since it is (in the same way that “Your Song” is your song).

On the way, we stopped by the candy store that always tempts the kids. I let Hazy get a giant jawbreaker that comes with its own carrying case, because, isn’t that every kid’s dream?

Have you read Stink and the Incredible Super Colossal Jawbreaker? This kid Stink writes a letter to the candy company complaining how his jawbreaker didn’t live up to its promise and they send him a giant box of candy. We won’t be writing that letter.

The pool was absolute perfection. Usually we spend about 2/3 of our time out of the water because it’s actually quite cool being on the water, but today we were in the pool almost the whole time.

I was catching up on Game of Thrones today and the tattoo on a hooker in this one scene looked strangely familiar. I am now realizing it was the same as this woman’s in the bottom right. Just a fun fact for you.

All in all, a great day with my girl. Georgie crushed it at Grammy’s, basically training for the 2028 Olympics in the pool, and then came home this evening. And while it was awesome to have some dedicated time with my girl, it’s very nice to have both of my babies back in their beds and to be able to smell their distinct scents when I go to check in on them before bed. But if anyone gets up in the middle of the night, Matty’s on duty. I’ve got boot camp tomorrow.

By the way, if you ever want to comment on a blog post, please do it in the comments section versus on Facebook. It will make my day. I tried to think of a way of saying that without sounding desperate, but honesty is the best policy.


10 thoughts on “My Girl”

  1. I love your Anne of Green Gables reference. Way to take it back! Team Gilbert all the way! And even more I love the other reference


  2. You really should consider publishing this blog into a book. “My summer with my kids- what I learned about them. What I learned about myself. And the world we live in.”

    NYT best seller. Guaranteed. Reading your blogs makes me less afraid to have kids. Thanks for writing it 🙂


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